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Re_interpretation of Simone Forti's "Zuma News"

During the Summer-Semester of 2020 and the shutdown of UdK buildings, due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the class engages in digital meetings and a re-interpretation of Simone Forti's "Zuma News" performance and video work from 2013.

During our first class-meeting we interpreted Simone Forti's movements as very concentrated and meticulous. After Forti has dipped the light newspaper pages into the ocean, they change their appearance, become heavy and the written words intermingle. Forti then uses her whole body to engage with her surrounding and the newspaper. Sand is reshaped and functions like a print of her movements, seaweed is added, wind and water become her dance partner and an inveterate foe at the same time. Despite the strong breeze, not a single page is lost. The current situation and amount of information and news during the pandemic is our starting point. Questions like 'What is our relation to News?' or 'What is private and public?' are of special interest. We ask ourselves what Forti's connection to nature is. By the next lesson we are supposed to develop a short video work based on 'Zuma News'. This can be done individually or in small groups, in compliance with the current regulations of the public.


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