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WHY DO YOU RETURN? Rundgang 2022

We herewith warmly invite you to our exhibition as part of this year's UdK Berlin Rundgang and are looking forward to engage in conversation with you in the studios of Class Bonvicini.

In room 95a, curated individual positions by students and guest students will be presented, inquiring into the gesture of returning and (re)attending, examining material inscriptions of temporality, and discussing potentials of re-acting.

Graduation works by Louisa Frauenheim (R92) Lea Mugnaini (R95a) Shin Oh Nam (R91) Asís Ybarra (Cross Gallery/Entrance Hall)

Performances Louisa Frauenheim - Diffuser FR/SA/SO 11/14/17h, R92 - Francis Kussatz - Reminds me of you: Diary of a sick person SA 17h, R95a We are excited to see you!

We are excited to see you!

Rundgang 2022 - Universität der Künste Berlin Hardenbergstraße 33 - 10623 Berlin PREVIEW: 22/07/2022, 11-22h (Registration required) OPEN DOORS: 23/07/2022 11-23h 24/07/2022 10-21h


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