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The Stage in Psychodrama

Collaborations between the fields of Visual Arts and Stage Design

Key Topics

Museum experience x Theater Experience:

Fantasy x Reality, Psychodrama, Presentation and Representation, Enactment and Reenactment, Performance and Performativity

How to create a space that is different from reality? How to spatially anchor this distinction?

Playfulness and artistic development;

Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga

Play and Culture, Play and Art, Play and Politics

Spatial distinctions;

Stage and architecture, how do they affect each other?

How do different levels in space affect bodies and behavior?

What are the possibilities of creating a non-hierarchical space?

Props and environment:

Role of objects

Role of lighting




Active role of the audience;

Participation, improv., actors and spectators, me and the other,

Building the stage as a live gesture; performers?

Politics of the stage:

Who is entitled to have the stage?

Who gives it to whom?

Power dynamics


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