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N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions N*A*I*L*S  hacks*facts*fictions 

An interdisciplinary research project on nail design in the context of migration, biopolitics and capitalism

Klasse Monica Bonvicini / Suza Husse mit Ayşe Güleç, Katja Kobolt und Linh Phuong Nguyen

Supported by the UdK Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät 1

Summer semester 2018

Dates: APRIL 27.4. 14-18 h and 28.+29.4. 11-18 h; MAY 25.5. 14-18 h and 26.+27.5. 11-18 h; JUNE 22.6. 14-18 h and 23.+24.6. 11-18 h 

Open for participation to all UdK students in the fields of arts, art theory and art pedagogy. 

Work. Service. Care / SPA. Toxic. Migration. Body. Class. Race. Sex. Gender. Politics. History. Visa regimes. Precarious entrepreneurship. Aesthetics. Fashion. Submission. Subversion. Research? Who cares for whom? How is this care coded as look and as social interaction? What can nails do? How come the American flag appears so often in the design of Nail Design Studios? Why is Leipzig, of all places, home to the largest nail design retail market? Shape, colour, sound, language, touch, image.


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