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Studio Hannibal

Under the theme "Save Changes", the UDK new media artists showed a selection of their works at a 2-day screening program hosted by Studio Hanniball.

Showing artists: Bailey Keogh - Can Kurucu - Clemens Schöll - Daria Redkina - Elisa Jule Braun - Felix Ansmann - Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze - Heiko-Thandeka Ncube - Jack Hogan - Jeanna Kolesova - Kani Lent - Katharina Aae - Lena Kocutar - Leyla Toprak - Mariam Aslanishvili - Matthias Planitzer - Max Schweizer - Merve Cansız - Sarah Zeryab - Tekla Aslanishvili - Teresa Hoffmann - Victoria Martínez - Victoria Sarangova

Bailey Keogh and Kani Lent presented their performance, Come Here to Suffer. The performance developed from a research based practice that included fiction writing, simulated band practice and larping.


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