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On October 1rst #MakeUsVisible x DENKFEMALE kicked off in Munich. 31 AR and soundmonuments of women and trans*persons created by artists all around the globe will enriched the public landscape and open up dialogues about representation.

Contributing artists: Mariella Kerscher, Nadine Kolodziey, Julie De Kezel, Leticia Almeida (Tanky) and Mathías Chumino (C03RA), antxnio graz, lizzybepainting, Tamiko, Thiel, Dagmar Schürrer, Wednesday Kim, Will Pappenheimer, Bailey Keogh, Anke Schiemann, Oto-Abasi, Manuela Illera feat Merlin Stadler, Tabitha Nagy, Jia-Rey Chang, Andrea Ricklin, Felizitas Hoffmann, Rebekka Feicht & Nils Peisker, She's Excited! & Clara, Francesca & Gretta Louw, Mary Ann Strandell, Jamie Burkart, Michael Rees, Jo Ngo, Aida Bakhtiari, GinSoul, Ansh Kumar, Paul Valentin, Carla Gannis, Sylvia Rothe, Alexandra Ginger, Felix Stöckle


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