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Kim Bode - those that slip among molecules

solo exhibition at Galerie im Turm

28.04.2022 - 03.07.2022

Opening 27.04.2022

A beam of orange light hits the brick-red, craggy floor. Electronic whispers travel through the room. Plants pierce through the piled-up layers of soil. In a transparently coloured atmosphere, Kim Bode present their work, titled those that slip among molecules, at Galerie im Turm. Frankfurter Tor’s grey, exposed-aggregate concrete contrasts with this raw environment, which opens a space for interrogations and new ideas.

A herbaceous plant, which also features in Homer’s Odyssey, grows steadily in this expansive artwork. In Greek mythology, the Asphodel Meadows are a region in Hades, the underworld. The myth describes a place where souls dwell without being rewarded or punished for their deeds during mortal life.

Kim Bode create landscapes that do not distinguish between the human constructs of what is artificial or natural, instead interweaving them. This not only challenges the narrative in which humans imagine themselves as ruling over nature, but also brings to the fore conceptions of queer ecologies.

curated by Linnéa Meiners

Text by Kim Bode and Linnéa Meiners

Photos by Kim Bode

Galerie im Turm

Frankfurter Tor 1

10243 Berlin


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