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Group exhibition in Projektraum 145

Design by Elena Buscaino


1 Anica Seidel I´m not going to be silent (2022)

Gas can, Zippo, bass drum pedal

A gas can, Zippo and bass drum pedal were transformed into an instrument that thematically deals with destructiveness and anger. I am not going to be silent also raises questions about the difference between noise and sound. The viewer can use the sound sculpture and thus become a musician in the exhibition space.

Do It Yourself.

2 Anica Seidel Bed (2022)

Kitchen graters, steel bars, steel pipes, wire, nails, Bed: 91cm x 115 x 205 cm, Table: 49 x 46 x 42 cm

The work Bed consists of steel rods and various kitchen graters that were collected over a long period of time and arranged into the shape of a bed and a bedside table. The steel tubes on the headboard of the bed are arranged like wind chimes. Bed here embraces brutality and fragility as well as the sleeping place as a place for Eros and Thanatos.

„Not much for mornings. Too much to dream about. To dreaming far too much.“ (Insomnia, Einstürzende Neubauten).

3 Lee Everett Thieler

die Welt um uns herum sie existiert nicht mehr (2022) 130 cm x 136 cm

Lee Everett Thieler‘s analog photographs can be read as visual documentation and fragmentary diary entries. The work focuses on capturing interpersonal relationships and their own non- binary gender identity.

Poems, memories, dreams and experiences set the mood and the foundation for the following work. Lee will for the first time read two texts as part of this exhibition at the opening and in days to follow.

4 Louisa Frauenheim stürzen (2022)

Ceramics, porcelain pieces, tiles from the kitchen from the house where my grandmother grew up (Hamburg Altona 1925-1945), plaster, wood, tiles, glue, lacquer, wax, porcelain figurines.

Sentences translated into english with the german word stürzen (to topple) with its various meanings: Falling from a height into the depths, to fall heavily, to topple walls, to bring someone down in one‘s arms, rain falls from the sky, to plunge a country into civil war, to rush into work/pleasure, to upset the cake, to overthrow a government (source: Duden)

Fragility, Vulnerability, Childhood Memories, Breaking, Healing, Rebuilding, Tradition, Coming Together, Drinking Coffee, Arguing, Being Hysterical, Throwing Porcelain at the Wall, Trophies

5 Louisa Frauenheim Onion (2022)

Photoprint, Hahnemühle paper, 20 x 30 cm

The traditional onion pattern is one of the most successful in porcelain history. One of the best known and oldest models is the blue and white pottery of the early Ming period (1420). In especially Germany, from 1860 onwards, it was good manners in bourgeois circles to own an onion pattern porcelain service. In reality, the onion pattern does not represent an onion but a pomegranate.

6 Milena Bühring & Judith Florence Ehrhardt Null zu Null (2022)

single channel video

2 performers and a thought experiment: Null zu Null revolves around the exclusivity of bodies in spaces. They imagine two heteronormative cis men having a game night where no women are allowed. It is an experiment, which is characterized by the fantasy and desire of the people who are denied entry.

7 Lisa Kaschubat Unstable Matters

8 min. 2-Channel HD Video +Stereo Sound, VR, CGI

There is no such thing as one coherent body. We are a multitude, contradicting, overlapping, fading and melting into each other. Corporeality becomes recognisable as a permeable and deformable medium that is threatened by fragmentation and external control. It deals with the sentiment of alienation. Alienation to ourselves and the world we live in. Alienation but also longing at once.


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