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Sateliteprojekt, 01 Beginning - Exhibition Invite

Satellite project, 01 beginning“ 2020, was originally the title of the first exhibition of a series of exhibitions by the artists Nicole Hauck (DE), Kilian Heindl (IT), Tim Löhde (DE), (fellow classmate) Shin-Oh Nam (KOR) planned to take place in different locations (Düsseldorf, Berlin, Chicago, Incheon) . The four artists each deal with the topic of "human development" and produce works of art in various media. Once conceived as a classic analog exhibition series, the show now adapts to the special situation caused by COVID-19 and proceeds in a digital form.

The digital processing of the material takes over a digital archiving and documentation function. The analog exhibition series will be postponed to 2021. The artistic works will develop in its form (Beginning-Development-Climax-Conclusion) and find its own dramaturgy, which can always be followed online on this website.

Text : Nicole Hauck, Kilian Heindl Tim Löhde, Shin Oh Nam

How does a state of liveness translate into a physical presence and where can it place its appearance and matter? How will the current situation shape future art platform?

In response to the above questions, creative technologists use new media in a particular volume of space, transforming it into a place of communication where the experience of both physicality and virtuality becomes possible. With an understanding of data integration through multi-disciplinary research between art and technology, our work incorporates machine learning algorithms and code-based illustrations in the Satellite Project. Text : Youngjun Chang, Llorenç Garcia

Künstler : Nicole Hauck, Kilian Heindl Tim Löhde, Shin Oh Nam

Technologists : Youngjun Chang, Llorenç Garcia

“Sateliteprojekt, 01 beginning” Digital Opening: 1.5.2020 at

Analog: ab 2021 Düsseldorf | Berlin | Chicago | Incheon Directed by: Kilian Heind, Nicole Hauck, Shin Oh Nam, Llorenc Garcia, Youngjun Chang Production by: Llorenc Garcia, Youngjun Chang Curated by: Shin Oh Nam


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