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Exhibition LORE

Gelegenheiten as part of CTM & Transmediale's Vorspiel program

21. January - 23. January 2022

Lore is an exploration of the ways magic and technology can meet and intersect in our current times to rearticulate points of conflict, reclaim experiences, and imagine different worlds, pasts, presents, and futures. We aim to curate creative visions that set out to tell new stories, decolonize stories of the past, or share knowledge that may have been overlooked or ignored by prevailing societal discourse. From stories about cursed objects to divination, we invite you to join us in engaging and creative discussions about magic's place in our highly technological world, how technology and magic practices can work in tandem and as extensions of one another, and how technological based cultures can be reanalyzed and communed with in a magical way.

Participating Artists: Katatonix, Bailey Keogh, Luïza Luz, Tabitha Swanson, Selou Sowe, Lydsey Walsh, and others


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