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Atelierraum für die Klasse Prof. Bonvicini - from one to many

Mike Kelley Educational Complex Onwards: 1995 - 2008

The programme for the autumn and spring semesters of Monica Bonvicini’s class at the UdK starts with Mike Kelley’s, an installation that the artist conceived in 1995. Assembling the miniatures of different buildings, in which Kelley received his education over the years, the work becomes a model of a fictional architectural complex as a psychological embodiment of Kelley’s campus. School as an architectural genre is a type of disciplinary architecture. The class seeks to interrogate: What does this mean to artists and art students? How does a studio space participate in defining a subject, and what subjects have been outcomes of studio practice? And what kind of usage of physical studio spaces might reconfigure, highjack or creatively repurpose the current (neoliberal) studies, in favour of the studying ones?

The course will invite students to address physical and ideological edifices of learning, education, academia, the university in which they find themselves and the curriculum which they chose through a number of different viewpoints. Propositions for novel schooling will be imagined in multiple reading sessions, meetings, workshops, experiments and outside-visits. The students will actively and materially engage with the study matter while refurbishing their own studio space according to their needs and ideas, which will constitute the major study project of the academic year.

The two semester project will be done and developed in collaboration with the UdK architecture class of Florian Riegler.


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